Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Beach was...

Our last night there! We went all over that night! I did enjoy my foodgasim at dinner ladies!
I know I shoudn't have been smoking but with all that alchohol I couldn't help myself! Kerri and I at The Delano.

Me, Jen, Heather and Kerri at Purdy Lounge. The dancing was fun for me and Kerri there.

Fun!!! Kerri and I had a great time with Jen and Heather! We arrived on Friday around 6pm. After checking in we all went to the hotel bar for drinks then went to dinner. After dinner we went back to our hotel to get dresses up for the night. And what a night! We drank a lot but as drunk as we were we remained happy drunks! We all finally got back around 5am to crash.
Sat we woke went to brunch and then to the beach. The water was fabulous!!!! Later in the afternoon we went back to our hotel and got dressed for dinner. After dinner we changed to go out and dance! Again we got in around 5am! Sunday after check out we went to brunch and drove home. Fun! Fun! Fun! Next year we are going to New Orleans!!!!

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